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Popular Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings

Struggling with which flowers to have at your wedding? Well, it is hardly surprising, they are all so beautiful! In this article, we have listed a few very popular wedding flowers and the meanings behind them. All flowers are beautiful, and they should be personal to you and your spouce to be. Want to know the best bit? You do not need to stick with one variety, you can mix and match as many flowers as you wish to! 

Spring Season

Sweet Peas- a beautiful spring flower available in a wide variety of colours, including white, pink, red, and blue.

Tulips - each colour carries its own meaning. Red symbolise romance, orange tulips represent the understanding and appreciation between two people, like a marriage. Yellow represents happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. Purple is a symbol of royalty and elegance.

Hydrangea - this beautiful flower represents gratitude, grace and beauty. The colours of the hydrangea represent harmony, peace and love.

Daffodils - as daffodils are the first flowers we tend to see bloom in the new year, they are said to represent new beginnings. The perfect representation of a new life together.

Ranunculus- these beautiful flowers are definietly charming, and that is exactly what the symbolise - charm. Available in many different colours.

Summer Season

Peonies- one of the most popular summertime wedding flower choice, peonies come in an array of colours including pinks, whites, orange and yellow. They symbolise love, luck and prosperity.

CasaBlanca Lily and Cella Lily- the Casa Blanca Lily represents joy and life. Whereas, the Cella Lily represents purity and faithfulness. Both choices are perfect for weddings and brings a true elegance to any wedding decor.

Cornflowers- represents wealth and good fortune. They also hold several different meanings across different cultures, to include fertility and love.

Roses - available across a variety of colours, each with their own unique meaning. The red rose symbolises love and courage. The white rose symbolises elegance, grace and loyalty. The yellow rose symbolise friendship.

Lavender- perfect in purple. Represents grace, purity, and devotion, they also bring a beautiful aroma to the wedding.

Autumn Season

Dahlia- Dahlias symbolise dignity and elegance. They are extremely vibrant in colour, offering many warm tones of orange, reds and yellows. 

Delphium- devotion, pleasure and health. What a perfect way to represent the start your life together.

Sunflowers- a true ray of sunshine. The sunflower is a symbol of pure happiness, devotion and purity. The sunflower is such a vibrant flower, it most definitely makes a statement.

King Protea- not a traditional flower for a bridal bouquet, but no less beautiful. Perfect for rustic weddings this flower represents courage and longevity. In some cultures, it is an old tradition that this flower is gifted as a token of proposal.

Winter Season

Hyacinth- symbolise commitment, a perfect representation of what marriage is all about - committing to one another.

Amaryllis- winter does not mean you cannot have a splash of colour, and what better way than to use Amaryllis flowers. Available in an array of colours, representing pride and strength.

Orchids- is it any surprise that orchids represent love, strength and beauty. Standing tall these beautiful flowers are available in many colours, our personal favourites are the vibrant blue orchids, although the soft pinks make just as good of an impact.

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