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Top Tips On Planning Your Wedding Menu

Planning you Wedding Breakfast can be an overwhelming task in itself. Where do you start? In this article, we aim to provide Brides and Grooms (to be) with useful hints and tips on things to consider when planning the wedding breakfast menu.

1) Include elements of you as a couple.

This can be a really nice touch when creating your wedding menu. Some ideas as to what to add to the mix are where you are having the wedding reception, where you are going on your honeymoon or where you met as a couple. If you met in Cornwall, you may wish to include mini Cornish pasties as part of your canapes, if you are honeymooning in Japan, you may wish to have sushi as an option.

2) Consider the season.

Make sure to consider the season in which you are getting married and ensure the food you choose is going to be at it’s prime. Strawberries will not be at their best during the Winter, nor will corn on the cob in the Spring. If you want the food to be fresh and at it's best, make sure you plan around the season.

3) Be aware of dietary requirements.

Make sure to ask guests about any dietary requirements - you can include this on the RSVP. This will allow you to cater for any allergies or Vegetarians attending. Try to get creative with the alternative menu and ensure that there is an option available with canapes for these guests. If you are printing menus, make sure to include these variations for these guests on the menus.

4) Try before you buy.

Ask your caterers or venue if they offer menu tasting, to allow you to try your wedding breakfast before the big day. This will give you the ability to try all options available but will also enable you to change your mind should it not live up to your expectations. The caterers may also bring a whole other option to the table that you fall in love with, one that you may not have considered before. This can also make for the perfect pre-wedding dinner date, especially if it is held at the venue itself.

5) Include the menu as part of your décor.

Design your wedding breakfast menu to fit in with the style of the reception to make it part of your table décor. Try to match the menu with the place setting and table number. You can choose whether you have individual menus or a shared menu for the table – make sure to include any alternative options you have arranged for guests with dietary requirements.

6) Forget tradition.

You do not have to go for a seated 3 course meal at your wedding if this is not what you want. If you are going for a far more informal atmosphere, then look into street food catering, hog roasts and BBQs – Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration on alternative catering choices.

7) Get creative and have fun.

The most important advice we can give, is to enjoy every minute of creating your wedding menu. Get creative with the presentation, name each course and include unique ingredients that will leave your guests intrigued. Don’t be afraid to make it fun, unique and entirely yours.

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